Marguerite Apostolas World Housing Fundraiser

Each of us has benefited from the stability and safety of a home. It's so fundamental that we probably have never even thought about it any other way. Think for a second and ask yourself... "what if I grew up living in a shack slum with no running water, no clean sanitation?"

Over a billion people still live like this, but we have the power to change that for a family. World Housing is one of my favorite charities and through them we can build a home. One that will last many generations and be the foundation that allows them to thrive.

When you have a home you no longer are in survival mode. You can focus on health, education, and income. An investment in a home is an investment in these things.

Join me and please donate to my campaign today. World Housing will send 100% of your donation to build a new home and once the family moves in, they’ll send us a video so we know the exact impact we have.